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Learn 80 years of disruption research in just 60 minutes! Numerous examples of the failure of firms. Gives you insights and stories of numerous companies.

Disruption management is fast becoming a critical skill for managers in this age of disruption.  
Disruption used to be a once in a lifetime event that took decades to materialize. Quartz watches took a decade to disrupt mechanical watches. Digital cameras took over twenty years to disrupt analog technology.
But, things have changed today. Blackberry saw the iPhone emerge and take over the smart phone market in a couple of years.  Dollar Shave club has taken over 8% of shave care market in a matter of 3 years.
Firms that wait for a disruptive event to prepare a response do not have the luxury of time anymore.
Blackberry only started to respond after the iPhone arrived on the scene. It was displaced from its leadership position within 2 years.
This is why you need to master disruption management.

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Dr. Ankush Chopra

Dr. Ankush Chopra


Dr. Ankush Chopra has taught MBA students and business managers over 3000 times across America, Europe, and Asia. He is a highly rated professor of management.

He has coached and mentored aspiring and accomplished business leaders in companies from fortune 500 to mid and small-sized companies. 

He is the author of The Dark Side of Innovation and A Sixty minute Guide to Innovation. 

Chopra received an MBA from Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) and a Ph.D. in Management from Duke University. 

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