Becoming A Strategist - A Primer


Looking At Your Business From a General's Point of View

The General's View

Introduction To Strategy

Transform Your Perspective

This cutting-edge program on Becoming a strategist promise to transform your perspective on business forever. It will provide you strategic skills that will help you see your business in a new way. You will also learn a powerful strategic thinking methodology that will make you a highly effective problem solver.

I have taught thousands of MBA and Executive MBA students in business school across the world. I have also trained managers and aspiring business leaders on building powerful strategies and becoming more strategic. This course brings the same cutting-edge knowledge. 

It will help you

1. Become A Strategic thinker

2. View Your Business like a business leader does. 

3. Develop business strategies

4. See any potential business problem or business goal in a new way

5. Master a powerful thinking style


Powerful Results

Oh The Places You Will Go!

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Identify, articulate and design core strategic decisions involved with a business strategy
  2. Understand and apply basic strategic thinking skills to any situation




  • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • Major Areas Covered FREE PREVIEW
  • How to get the most out of this program? FREE PREVIEW

Strategic Orientation and Strategy


  • Understanding Strategic Orientation FREE PREVIEW
  • The Benefit of Strategy

Understanding The Strategist


  • Who is a Strategist? FREE PREVIEW
  • The Strategist - An introduction
  • A Strategist in Action
  • The Skills of a Strategist

The Core of A Business Strategy


  • Reading For The Section
  • The Case of Zingerman's Deli
  • Understanding Strategy From Zingerman's Deli
  • What is a Strategy Without Choice Making

Digging Deeper Into Strategy


  • Strategic Choices
  • Making Where to Compete Choices - Nintendo Strategy Example
  • Making How To Compete Choices: Apple Strategy
  • Making Goals More Powerful
  • Understanding Capabilities of an Organization

Introduction to Strategic Thinking


  • Thinking Methods FREE PREVIEW
  • Introduction to Strategic Thinking

Why Do You Need Strategic Thinking


  • Decision Blunders from the History of Business
  • Why Brilliant People Make Decision Blunders?
  • How Bad Do You Think We are At Decision Making?
  • Two More Examples of Our Flawed Thinking
  • Probabilistic Reasoning Mistakes We Make
  • A Fatal Flaw Most Suffer From
  • Conclusion

Strategic Thinking Tools: Part I


  • Strategic Thinking in Action
  • Reflection
  • Finding Core Issue In a Situation

Strategic Thinking Tools: Part II


  • A Few Thinking Styles We Use
  • The Secret of Strategic Thinking You Need To Learn
  • Strategic Thinking Application
  • A Real Life Strategic Thinking Example

Exercises In Becoming A Strategist


  • Exercises
  • Wrap Up

About Your Instructor

Dr. Ankush Chopra

Dr. Ankush Chopra


Dr. Ankush Chopra has taught MBA students and business managers over 3000 times across America, Europe, and Asia. He is a highly rated professor of management.

He has coached and mentored aspiring and accomplished business leaders in companies from fortune 500 to mid and small-sized companies. 

He is the author of The Dark Side of Innovation and A Sixty minute Guide to Innovation. 

Chopra received an MBA from Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) and a Ph.D. in Management from Duke University. 

[email protected]


Making Strategic Choices

Strategic Thinking

Articulate Strategy

Talk About Strategy

Avoiding Decision Traps

Strategic Orientation


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