Practical Mini MBA

Practical Mini MBA

A Jet Pack For Your Career

Your Career - Transformed

So you want to be a successful business leader.

Welcome to your blueprint for business success

Well, can you relate to these?

You’ve been looking at advancing to the next leadership role in your organization. 

You are an expert in your field, but you know you can make a much bigger impact on the business and you want to 

You’ve been thinking about taking that next step up towards a senior management position. 

You’re ready to leap up the career ladder but you just need a way to showcase that to your managers. 

You may have started studying what it takes to be an effective business leader but you just need a strategy to get you to the top even quicker. 

Did your ambition fire up as you smiled and said yes?    

Good. You’re definitely in the right place. 

The fact is that truly great business leaders aren’t born that way. 


That’s exactly what I’m here to do for you. 

When you look at an inspiring business leader, it’s easy to see why so many people assume that they were just born with the right skills. We look up to leaders as if they were gifted with the ability to command a presence, to lead an organization and to inspire the masses from the moment they were born. We get this false perception that you’re either born a leader, or you’re not and that that’s the end of the story.

A leader is NOT just someone who’s in power.

A leader is NOT just someone who’s in control

A leader is NOT just someone who’s in charge.

A leader is someone with the ability to inspire action and to lead mass transformation

A powerful business leader is just an ambitious individual who’s mastered a specific set of skills that gives them the ability to take charge and to lead an organization forward. You’ve already got the ambition, it’s our job to help you develop the strategic skills you need to succeed. 

This Mini Mba gives you the skills you need to stake your claim as a powerful business leader in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Pulling from the collective experience of thousands of aspiring and successful business leaders, and extensive research on skills, the program compresses the most important elements of business leadership into an actionable, practical and easy-to-follow program.

The best part? The academy is designed to help you get results, fast.

As a future business leader, your time is extremely valuable. That’s why this entire program was designed from the ground up to only give you the most actionable and practical strategies in the most efficient way possible. 

But I already know what you’re thinking

If becoming a business leader was so easy, why isn’t EVERYONE doing it?

I used to ask myself the same question and after working with thousands of potential business leaders, the answer became clear. I realized that it’s because…

Most people don’t understand the difference between theory and effective business leadership.

Take any formal business program and you’ll be bombarded by countless managerial concepts and impractical ideologies that have no real place in the business world. While these concepts are crucial for gaining a basic understanding of organizations and businesses, an effective business leader requires more than that.

You require practical, actionable strategies that have been proven to work.

That’s exactly what this program is designed to do for you. We’re on a mission to change the paradigm of business education by providing you with the most effective leadership education in the world.


Cutting Edge Resources

Engaging Videos

Here is an example of the lessons awaiting you inside this course



  • Seeing Business Like a Business Leader FREE PREVIEW
  • Free eBook: Seven Disciplines of Highly Effective Business Leaders FREE PREVIEW

Strategic Orientation


  • What is Strategic Orientation? FREE PREVIEW
  • Becoming More Strategic FREE PREVIEW
  • Essence of a Strategist
  • Benefits of a Strategy FREE PREVIEW
  • Understanding The Strategist
  • A Strategist in Action
  • Understanding Strategy Skills
  • Strategy Without Choices
  • Strategy Model Case Study
  • A Strategy Model
  • Link to Zingerman Case
  • Apple's Strategy
  • Designing How to Win Choices
  • Organizational Capabilities
  • Introduction to Capabilities
  • What are Capabilities?
  • Where do Capabilities Reside?
  • An Invisible Force in Capabilities
  • Capabilities -Summary
  • Measures and Strategy
  • Understanding Limits of a Strategy
  • Goals Of A Strategist
  • Data Driven Strategy
  • Five Ways To Build a Data Driven Strategy
  • Data Driven Strategy - Video Lesson

Strategic Thinking


  • The Discipline of Strategic Thinking FREE PREVIEW
  • Some Decision Blunders From Business History
  • Why Brilliant People Make Decision Blunders?
  • Thinking Methods
  • Flawed Thinking Methods FREE PREVIEW
  • How People Use Different Thinking Styles
  • Developing Strategic Thinking
  • How Bad Do You Think We are At Decision Making?
  • Two More Examples of Our Flawed Thinking FREE PREVIEW
  • Probabilistic Reasoning Mistakes We Make
  • A Fatal Flaw We All Suffer From In Our Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking in Action
  • Reflection
  • Strategic Thinking Tools Part I
  • Strategic Thinking Tools II
  • Strategic Thinking Application
  • A Real Life Application of Strategic Thinking

Business Acumen

  • Business Acumen Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4
  • Lesson 5
  • Lesson 6
  • Lesson 7
  • Lesson 8
  • Lesson 9
  • Lesson 10

Managing Self


  • Managing Self - Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • The Three Kinds of Skills That Really Matter in Your Career
  • Making Boring Jobs Exciting
  • Using Role Models In Your Career
  • What Kind of an Innovator Are You?
  • Dealing With Ambiguity (Lesson)
  • Dealing With Ambiguity (Video)
  • Handling Ambiguity FREE PREVIEW
  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Do You Have an Innovator Self Identity?
  • Do You Read Books?
  • Building Absorptive Capacity
  • Your Transformation
  • Three Paths To Your Transformation
  • A Single Epiphany Will Change Your Life
  • Understand Your Thinking Style

Managing Others


  • Managing Others FREE PREVIEW
  • Introducing Yourself
  • Template For Building Introductions
  • Five Habits To Leverage Others and Make Superior Decisions
  • Become a Better Decision Maker (Article)
  • Five Habits Tip Sheet
  • Becoming Better At Reading Others
  • Two Thinking Styles People Use FREE PREVIEW
  • Understanding How Others Think
  • Two Thinking Styles

Managing Innovation


  • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • Power Of Minor Innovations
  • Understanding Incremental Innovations
  • The Power of Incremental Innovations
  • Understanding Dominant Design and Technology Life Cycle
  • Dominant Design
  • Product Vs Process Innovation
  • Industry Life Cycle and Innovation Type
  • Reflection Exercise
  • Understanding Radical Innovations
  • Why The World Needs Innovators
  • Two Faces of an Innovator
  • The Challenge Every Innovator Faces
  • How To Spark New Ideas?
  • Mistakes In Change Management
  • Innovation As a Way To Adapt to Change
  • Adaptation Through Innovation - Audio lesson
  • Predicting Innovation And Disruption
  • How Innovation Typology Helps You Innovate?
  • Ten Types of Innovations
  • Ten Innovation Types (Article)
  • Project Management Toolbox
  • Four Project Management Typologies

Communicating Like A Pro

  • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • Pitching ideas
  • The Science of Framing Issues
  • Framing Ideas - Audio lesson
  • The Art of Argumentation

About Your Instructor

Dr. Ankush Chopra

Dr. Ankush Chopra


Dr. Ankush Chopra has taught MBA students and business managers over 3000 times across America, Europe, and Asia. He is a highly rated professor of management.

He has coached and mentored aspiring and accomplished business leaders in companies from fortune 500 to mid and small-sized companies. 

He is the author of The Dark Side of Innovation and A Sixty minute Guide to Innovation. 

Chopra received an MBA from Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) and a Ph.D. in Management from Duke University. 

[email protected]

Skills You Will Master

Strategic Orientation

Strategic Thinking

Business Acumen

Managing Self and Others

Managing Innovation

Communicating With Impact


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This program was excellent and extremely relevant for the managers who participated
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He was amazing. They loved him!
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