A Sixty-Minute Guide to Disruption: Bonus Audio

taught by Dr. Ankush Chopra
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Dr. Ankush Chopra
Dr. Ankush Chopra

About the instructor

Dr. Ankush Chopra is an award winning globally recognized expert in strategy, business transformation and innovation. He won the best paper award from the global conference in Innovation in management. His work on business survival was recognized by the Academy of Management through publication of his paper (Survival) in the best paper proceedings of AOM conference.  His book “The Dark Side of Innovation” was released in 2013 and has been hailed as a must read by business leaders. Chopra has worked in Asia, Europe and America as a manager, consultant and a business thinker. He is a frequent speaker at international forums on business strategy and innovation. He trains and consults with leading organizations around the world.

Chopra is a professor of Strategy at Fribourg School Business (Switzerland) and has been an Assistant Professor of Strategy at Babson College (USA.) As a professor, he works on strategic issues around business growth, transformation and innovation. He has worked with senior management of numerous firms such as Osram, Gillette, Sonos, PsychCME, and IDC.

He turned around the custodial services business at Citibank, and led the transformation of Citibank India’s Financial Control. He also led a large-scale organizational transformation at P&G involving all Asian countries and resulting in the shared service center in Manila.

Ankush received a Ph.D. in Business Strategy from Duke University and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore). He has lived and worked in India, Singapore, Japan, the Philippines, Switzerland, and the United States. He has managed large multicultural and multi functional teams with members from over 10 countries.

Chopra creates value for clients by identifying critical business and strategic needs and designing customized training and consulting interventions to fill those needs.  He brings his years of experience across industries to connect the dots and uncover high impact opportunities.

Master the art of disruption with a free audio course. The audio course is based on over eighty years of research on business failure. 

This free audio course comes along with your copy of A Sixty-Minute Guide to Disruption. Each of these lessons is referenced in the book.  

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Course Contents

1 Text
12 Audios
4.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

1: Debunking DIsurption Myths
2: Disruption Of Kodak
3: Innovation And Disruption
4: Informative Barriers to Innovation
5: Normative Barriers To Innovation
6: Cognitive Barriers to Innovation
7: The Dark Side of Innovation [I]
8: The Dark Side of Innovation [II]
9: Disruptive Business Models
10: Winning Against Disruption
11: Predicting Disruption
12: Becoming A Successful Disruptor