Becoming a Strategist Audio Course

Becoming a Strategist Audio Course

Master Essential Concepts in Business Strategy

Build The General's View

Become Strategic

Master Strategic Thinking

This cutting-edge program on Becoming a strategist promise to transform your perspective on business forever. It will provide you strategic skills that will help you see your business in a new way. You will also learn a powerful strategic thinking methodology that will make you a highly effective problem solver.

I have taught thousands of MBA and Executive MBA students in business school across the world. I have also trained managers and aspiring business leaders on building powerful strategies and becoming more strategic. This course brings the same cutting-edge knowledge. 

It will help you

1. Become A Strategic thinker

2. View Your Business like a business leader does. 

3. Develop business strategies

4. See any potential business problem or business goal in a new way

5. Master a powerful thinking style


Powerful Results

Critical Skills

This audio program will help you build powerful new skills that will help you see your world in a new light. You will build many new skills by listening to this audio and applying the ideas you learn. 



  • Introduction FREE PREVIEW

The Essence Of A Strategist

  • Episode 1 FREE PREVIEW

Flawed Thinking Methods That Hold You Back

  • Episode 2 FREE PREVIEW

Becoming a Strategic Thinker

  • Episode 3 FREE PREVIEW

Attacking Problems Like a Strategist

  • episode 4

The Goals Of A Strategist

  • Episode 5

The Field Of The Strategist

  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7

Searching For Opportunities Like a Strategist

  • Episode 8

Competing Like a Strategist

  • Episode 9

Organizational Capabilities : The Key Weapon Of a Strategist

  • Episode 10

Competitive Advantage: The Holy Grail of The Strategist

  • Episode 11

The Strategy Process

  • Episode 12

About Your Instructor

Dr. Ankush Chopra

Dr. Ankush Chopra


Dr. Ankush Chopra has taught MBA students and business managers over 3000 times across America, Europe, and Asia. He is a highly rated professor of management.

He has coached and mentored aspiring and accomplished business leaders in companies from fortune 500 to mid and small-sized companies. 

He is the author of The Dark Side of Innovation and A Sixty minute Guide to Innovation. 

Chopra received an MBA from Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) and a Ph.D. in Management from Duke University. 

[email protected]


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