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The Leadership Academy is our premium subscription program that gives you the strategic, step-by-step system you need to stake your claim as a powerful business leader in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Pulling from the collective experience of thousands of aspiring and successful business leaders, and extensive research on skills, the program compresses the most important elements of business leadership into an actionable, practical and easy-to-follow program.

The best part? The academy is designed to help you get results, fast.

As a future business leader, your time is extremely valuable. That’s why this entire program was designed from the ground up to only give you the most actionable and practical strategies in the most efficient way possible. A few minutes a day is all it takes for you to absorb the world’s best business education and to help you get further in your career, faster than ever before.

But I already know what you’re thinking

If becoming a business leader was so easy, why isn’t EVERYONE doing it?

I used to ask myself the same question and after working with thousands of potential business leaders, the answer became clear. I realized that it’s because…

Most people don’t understand the difference between theory and effective business leadership.

Take any formal business program and you’ll be bombarded by countless managerial concepts and impractical ideologies that have no real place in the business world. While these concepts are crucial for gaining a basic understanding of organizations and businesses, an effective business leader requires more than that.

You require practical, actionable strategies that have been proven to work.

That’s exactly what this program is designed to do for you. We’re on a mission to change the paradigm of business education by providing you with the most effective leadership education in the world.

All for the price of a cup of coffee a week.


Academy Orientation

  • How to Get The Most From This Academy

Latest This Week

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Strategic Orientation

  • Develop The General's Perspective

Business Acumen

  • Make Sound Business Decisions

Strategic Thinking

  • Develop A Powerful Thinking Style

Managing Self

  • Succeed From Within

Managing And Leading Others

  • Connect and Inspire

Driving Innovation

  • Create High Impact

Communicating Like a Pro

  • Influence With Words

Starter Pack I

  • Develop Seven Disciplines

Starter Pack II

  • Continue Your Learning Journey

... And New Content Each Week

  • New Lessons and Courses

About Your Instructor

Dr. Ankush Chopra

Dr. Ankush Chopra


Dr. Ankush Chopra has taught MBA students and business managers over 3000 times across America, Europe, and Asia. He is a highly rated professor of management.

He has coached and mentored aspiring and accomplished business leaders in companies from fortune 500 to mid and small-sized companies. 

He is the author of The Dark Side of Innovation and A Sixty minute Guide to Innovation. 

Chopra received an MBA from Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) and a Ph.D. in Management from Duke University. 

[email protected]

Skills You Will Develop

Sound Business Decisions

Powerful Thinking and Problem Solving

Strategic Vision

Leadership Skills

Innovation Skills



This program was excellent and extremely relevant for the managers who participated .
Program Sponso Gillette
Ankush was amazing. They loved him!
Program Sponsor EMC Corporation
Professor Chopra was the best professor I came across at Babson
Executive MBA Student Babson College

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You’ll get access to a range of downloadable PDFs and worksheets that you can print out and refer to whenever you need them.

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